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Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body

2015.02.07 04:58 kindergavin Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body

This is a subreddit for those who are contemplating, currently doing, or have completed Strong Curves by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis. Post questions about the program, show off your results, or comment about your experience.

2010.07.27 21:51 notalyce r/xxfitness

We're a community for female and gender non binary/gender non conforming redditors to discuss fitness

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2020.09.29 23:28 Throzen Any reason to get a lower RPM, PWM case fan over the same model but higher RPM?

I am looking to add 3 fans to the bottom intake of my Lian-li O11 Dynamic with my upcoming 3090 TUF, I currently have Top 360mm AIO exhaust, with side 3*120 intake.
I am looking to get the Noctua NF-P12 Redux fans, the 1300RPM PWM, and the 1700RPM PWM models are both currently $18CAD.
Since they are bother PWM controlled, I wonder if there is any point of the 1300 model or should I just get the 1700 and let the fan curve do it’s job?
Current fan setup:
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2020.09.29 23:22 luna64522 Curves to die for, unattainable beauty standards

Curves to die for, unattainable beauty standards submitted by luna64522 to HomeDepot [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 23:18 IAmNotAKrustyKrab120 You’re not unique

Dogs, tacos, The Office, going out but staying in, pineapple on pizza, laughing, trying new things, being fluent in sarcasm, traveling, and hiking aren’t personality traits or make you unique.
Most people like those things. You’ve told me nothing about yourself.
But I have to be at least 6’ tall, have a good head of hair, interesting hobbies, a good job, a house, and have an athletic body. And send you a message that stand out. But I have to accept your curves, you’re “worst” so I can get your “best”, listen to your music of choice and prioritize your pet over me.
Sounds fair to me.
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2020.09.29 23:15 anonymus23361 Toxic Player and Experience

Hello Everyone

I just want to bring attention to this particular off-putting experience I have encountered. First off I have to say this Gundam Maxi Boost On on the PS4 is my first Gundam and Fighter game in general so there is so much I do not know. I understand there is a huge steep learning curve and a lot to do and it being a 2v2 game makes it all the more hard as I hate to let down my partner. Thus I want to thank everyone who was very patient with me and teamed even though I was a weak Beginner with the lack of fundamentals and experience but I do try my best. So I had a go at the Beta and had fun thus I bought the game. Very slowly I feel I was getting better and was happy my friend was patient with my progress as we played in 2v2 lobbies. But then one incident occurred. I fought a guy called Popehoist and he was really good a couple of times in several lobbies. He crushed me with his partner Irysa, I did not mind this at all as I felt it was a good experience fighting such a high-level player. But what I do mind is that my friend who was in the same server in this Popehoist told me I need to get better than proceeded to screenshot me what this Popehoist guy said about me in his Discord server and timestamped linked of when he beat me in his lobby saying things along the lines of "Hahaha look at this noob." and "He should quit the game as he just letting his partner down." He has said a lot more degrading things without even knowing me but I will avoid typing anything as it just makes me sad. I am trying my very best and I know I am letting my friend down. Ever since then even my friend avoided teaming with me because he too is worried that he would be a victim of being badmouthed by Popehoist. It is sad to admit but ever since then, I stopped playing Maxi Boost On too. As yes I am very weak and have anxiety problems so every time I play since then I am worried about letting my partner down so they won't team with me or meeting another toxic player like Popehoist who badmouths them elsewhere. So after a few weeks of not playing, I finally returned my game. I don't want to mention me, my friend, or any other victims involved since I don't want to get in trouble. Since my aim is to just gather awareness and warn people of toxic players like Popehoist as they should tone it down and be patient or keep any bad comments to themselves I think in my opinion. Popehoist teammate Irysa if you are reading this I hope you are aware of Popehoist actions and if so try to talk to him about it and I hope you do not encourage him to do what he is been doing because if so you are as equally toxic as your partner if you been encouraging him. Thank you for everyone hearing me out. It has been fun playing with all the players I did and I have the utmost respect for you all who plays and stick with this hard game.
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2020.09.29 23:12 Embers_in_Limbo My review of Resident Evil 3 Remake [Potential Hot Take]

2 weeks ago I went ahead and bought Resident Evil 3 Remake and was going in expecting a let down due to all the overwhelming criticism of the game thus far. As of today, I have now completed Nightmare mode without infinite ammo and only the S.T.A.R.S Manual and Defense Coins. It is with that, that I have to say, my review of the game may be a Hot Take.
I started the game on Standard because I wanted a feel for it before I commit to the platinum. As with all of my games, I went in with a relative fresh mindset but couldn't help but be clouded by nostalgia. I had see gameplay before and how nemmy worked already but playing the game made it all the more different. Is he as imposing as the original where he was a constant threat and could be literally anywhere? No. Was he still as big of a threat as before? Yes. (Atleast on my first play through, but the same could be said for replaying the original too). The way he shows up and moves around is frightening because you can't just run away from him, he will cut you off and you then have the choice system we use to have. Run or fight. This is no longer a little choice mechanic and instead is an internal conflict. Should I fight him in front of the power after just spending ammo on the Deimos section and being starved for ammo, or should I run to the power box to stun him and keep running? The game didn't hold my hand this time and tell me my options, I had to recall my options and make them in an instant.
This realization changed how I viewed the game as a whole. Why did people dislike it so much? What about this was so off putting that it was met with such a huge unfavorable review board? Short answer, Changes were made. I was guilty of this as well through most of the city sections. I disliked Carlos, I hated how they introduced Nicholai, I felt they were disrespecting Nemmy, Jill was unrealistic with her attitude and little dialogue here and there felt so forced that by the end of stage 2 Nemmy I was ready to just finish the game and chop it up to a cash grab. Then, the unspeakable happened. The hospital section slowly but surely made me realize that I'm being exactly what I hate in modern video game culture. Why did I dislike Carlos? He perfectly fits into his role now. If Not a Hero wasn't clear to some of you, there were ALOT of umbrella employees who only went along out of fear and necessity, or the truth was hid from them and they believed they were doing the right thing. Carlos is that to a T. My hatred for the introduction of Nicholai came from how I first saw him in the original. Then I remembered Outbreak and Operation RC....there is nothing new about him.
My next few gripes come from something more personal, but equally as wrong. Nemesis was something that NEEDED to be respected to go head to head with in the original. Once you see him off brad so nonchalantly then bust through a window minutes later with a rocket launcher and proceed to beat you with it more than shoot you, you come to understand that Nemesis isn't just a threat, he is an obstacle. He is a never ending task that needs to be sorted out before continuing or else he will be right on your tail. Meanwhile, in the remake, he does hold the same amount of imposing doom, but Jill has such a "Badass" tone to her that Nemesis isn't even really a big deal. Having the first 10-15 minutes call him a bitch and a fuck face, really felt insulting to me at this point. They were taking something so large and intimidating and belittling it like it was just some random zombie. Again, it didn't dawn on me at this point that this is the natural evolution of A) a Mercenary who already lost most of his team and was trained for this. B) one of the 4 survivors of Arklay who had already dealt with this kind of thing. Jill already had defeated the Tyrant and been through the whole mansion by now so this wasn't too big of an issue for her. Carlos was trained by Umbrella to deal with umbrella issues and be considered a Hero, aka empowered. It makes perfect sense that they would treat Nemesis in such a way. All of these different elements coming together really shifted me around during the hospital section of the game.
I started to really appreciate what Capcom was doing with the game. Carlos wasn't just some merc who would take passes at jill anymore. He had a full on character at this point. Umbrella lied to him, sent him out to play hero only to come and find out, he is really just damage control. Even then, he sees a chance at being a real hero and staying with jill. Yah the original had it in the clock tower and nemmy was a HUGE part of that, but this hospital section was now the Carlos section. (I'm not going to address the RPD section simply because I felt a little demeaned when Tyrell tried to show me where the STARS office if i didn't just get done S+ing hardcore route A and B for both clair and leon just a week or two ago.) Seeing how desperate he was to save Jill and bring her to safety after her bout with stage 2 Nemmy shows how determined he is to be the good guy. Later on with the whole hospital section, he doesn't really care about the mission anymore and instead just wants to cure Jill. Once he knows what Umbrella has been up to and what Dr. Bard was being "rescued" for, he knew Jill was right all along and that truly made him a worthwhile character to me.
This is where the excitement drops down for me because that ends my actual critique of design elements. This part is now towards the difficulty and the way I personally feel about how the game was meant to be played. As you can imagine, Assisted is easy and almost unremarkable to play. Standard is the standard way that they expect people to try out on their first go. Hardcore is for those who want the challenge and learning curve....but Nightmare? Nightmare to me is what I believe the game was meant to be played on. I had already gotten the HOT DOGGER, all coins and pouches, but i limited myself to just the defense coins and stars manual. This mode changed so much about the game that my Soulsborne meter was starting to go off. You're meant to stumble and fail and then come back either more prepared or find a new way to deal with it. What took me 2 and a half hours in hardcore, took me 7 in Nightmare. Sparse ammo, crappy ammo combinations, less healing and most importantly, everything is quicker including Nemmy. The final fight against him went from a simulated boss fight to an actual real threat in a matter of seconds. I wouldn't trade this experience with anything else (unless it's the option to forget certain games entirely so i can reexperience them again....but C'est la vie).
I've been talking for a little too long now I think and I'm fairly certain most of you are tired of listening to me by now so I will end it with this little note. Resident evil 3 Remake is NOT Resident evil 3 Nemesis. That being said, it is entirely its own game and rewrite some aspects to not only give it more flavor and character, but to make it more concise IMO. It subtracted nostalgic things and pushed in fan service here and there when most of it should have been left behind (looking at you Dario). For everything the game was in the original and what it is now with the remake, I can honestly say, I like it. Is it perfect? No. No game will ever be perfect and if there ever was one, that would be the DooM of the gaming industry. So to any who were on the fence about making the purchase like I was, take it from me that it is a worthwhile purchase and well worth the time and effort! (Also take that with a grain of salt)
Thank you for hearing me out!
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2020.09.29 23:11 _Be_Kind_To_People Im so insecure about my size

I have been with my girlfriend for 9 months. She has been with several other guys before me. All but one was bigger than I am.
She says I'm the best she's had. I know i try really hard with my fingers and mouth. She said she hasn't enjoyed penetration with anyone else but me. She has never orgasmed, not with me, not others, not alone. The feelings get intense for her, but then where an orgasm should be she just goes numb, and then shes ready to be done. This is all clit stimulation. She usually doesnt have much reaction to PIV other than saying "it feels good" sometimes, and ONE time she said it was big, and when I asked her about it she clarified and said "big for you".
I just want to be able to please her. I find it extremely hard to believe that she finds any pleasure with me but not with any of the guys that were bigger, or MUCH bigger than me. I think about how happy she must have been when she saw their dicks.
She also likes to give blowjobs... or so she thought, until she was with me.
She says im not big, but not small. I guess that's accurate. I just wish i could be better.
When I asked her why she had sex with other people when she said she didnt find penetration enjoyable, she said she "wanted attention" and "wanted to explore".
My thoughts of self-harm become much more extreme and concerning the more this weighs on me.
Im not sure if it matters. I'm average size with a downward curve that makes it look smaller...
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2020.09.29 23:11 Mahelyk Absolutely terrible early game difficulty curve.

As a player who just got a new "family" guild member to finally fill my empty "son" slot, I just want to take a moment to complain about the utter ridiculous difficulty curve built in for new players.
For instance, if I grabbed and placed the new player literally two feet away from the Fridge food source, BAM, dead in a few days. He can't even make it the few inches over. To be honest, I could even put cooked food units DIRECTLY in the new players mouth, and they'd fail to process even that. They'd probably get the Choking debuff. Utter lunacy!
As a professional game designedeveloper myself, I just can't imagine how they could design a system like this. Literally months and months to even gain basic entry level skills to even be able to eat semi normal foods. If you tried to solo this game, you're more than dead without a family guild
Don't get me wrong, this new "father" role and skill tree I've unlocked is a lot of fun, and I personally quite enjoy feeding and helping this new player. But man is it terrible design.
submitted by Mahelyk to outside [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 23:09 WritingAmbition A dream about PINK SCISSORS

WARNING for implied sexual abuse of a minor.
I had a very vivid dream. It was so clear and dreadful that I thought I was watching a movie. When I woke up, I was so convinced I couldn’t possibly have come up with such a twisted concept by myself that I felt the urge to look for the title and see if I hadn’t watched it this movie before.
I was disturbed by what my mind could create once I was asleep. But the title, PINK SCISSORS, was never made. It came from my head, and I have to make peace with it.
I usually enjoy my nightmares. They’re delightfully twisted, like watching a horror movie in your sleep. It makes for quite an entertaining night and sometimes even a horror story that I can write. Not this one. This one made me feel trapped and horrified, even though I was watching it from far away and barely participated in it.
If I am writing this down now, it’s because I don’t want it in my head, and making it a story will also make it someone else’s problem. It belongs to the Internet now. Let it die in between the better horror stories and memes.
My dream told the story of Katie.
Katie was a pretty woman. She was large and definitely overweight because she spent most of her days in bed - much like myself. But her bed was tall and often difficult to climb to or get off of. I don’t think Katie did much with her life, but I like to think she would be a good person if she were real.
That day, Katie didn’t want to go outside and enjoy the sun. She only wanted to watch a movie, and the only tape in her collection she hadn’t watched yet was a title named PINK SCISSORS. So she popped it into the old VHS in her room.
And as she did so, her doorbell rang.
A tall woman stood in front of her home and five demons waited behind her on the edge of Katie’s front lawn. The woman was scrawny and had jet-black hair. There was an unsettling smile on her face that made it difficult to look at her directly. I kept my eyes on the floorboard and Katie did the same.
The woman - whom I’ll refer to as The Herald from now on - explained the rules of what was about to come.
I can’t call it a game. I can’t call it a movie. I’ll just call it an absolutely fucked up situation that shouldn’t have been in my head. Katie was about to look back on her worst memories and her worst mistakes. And if she didn’t, then there’d be punishment.
The First demon hovered behind The Herald. The form was somewhat feminine, but it resembled a blob more than anything. Her pinkish complexion poured over her blue dress and Katie couldn’t see her eyes under the layers of skin. And the thing was grinning. Fucking hell, the First was grinning through yellow teeth and evil eyes that we couldn’t see but that could certainly see us.
Katie slammed the door.
And so the punishment commenced.
She ran from one side of her living room to another, closing windows and doors that rattled as some unseen creature outside tried to find holes and cracks through which to slip in. The thing was snake-like and small but incredibly long and persistent. Katie didn’t know what the thing would do if it could find its way inside her house, and neither did I, but we didn’t want to find out.
I paused the video.
I mentally ejected the tape from Katie’s old VHS and I sighed with relief. Nothing could hurt me. Nothing could hurt Katie if the movie didn’t go on. Even under a deep sleep, I could still feel the overwhelming relief that washed over me.
This was my mind. I was in control of it.
And the dream went on with a memory. Not mine. A memory of Katie, as young as fourteen, kissing a girl with brown skin and black, curly hair, her startled eyes a shade of brown that was impossibly beautiful. And the fear on the pit of Katie’s stomach was as paralyzing as my own as her little girlfriend walked away, shocked and disgusted by Katie’s boldness.
The First demon rescinded as young Katie wept.
The Second stepped forward and Katie didn’t see it. She just moved forward in the memory, unaware of the things that watched her from beyond. Unaware of me, her merciless executioner who had no control over her own ax.
Her music teacher. A handsome, bearded man who looked at like she was the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. He used to run his hands on her hair, red and curly and long, his fingers undoing the knots and continuing down her spine - until he found the curve of her ass to rest his palm on.
And Katie didn’t move and she didn’t say a word.
And I watched in horror from my comfortable bed, my eyes closed but no less aware of it. I knew what happened next, even if my dream was merciful enough to leave it implied. I didn’t have to witness the violation nor the break of trust that would follow Katie into adulthood to understand.
And the Second rescinded to the back of my mind.
Katie was grown now. She had her little house in the suburbs, this cute little white-fenced pink-paneled two-story home that seemed out of a Barbie commercial, but that she loved with all her heart. Even if her bedroom was this cramped up attic room that only had space for an impossibly tall bed she had to struggle to get on every night. Even if everything in this dream home felt oppressive, as though it were a prison made by some horrible being who didn’t care for her safety or happiness and who only wanted to use her to entertain her sleep.
The movie continued.
I saw The Herald knock again.
She had a clipboard in her hand. Neither Katie nor I had noticed that before. Isn’t that funny? Maybe The Herald isn’t mine. Maybe she goes from one sleeping mind to the next, checking out names on her clipboard, her channel haircut perfectly in place to make up for the terrible grin that stretched her features from ear to ear. We could see it through the glass window on Katie’s front door: a blurry form of pearly whites framed by pink lipstick and eyes that seemed hungrier than her mouth.
I didn’t want Katie to open the door. Nothing good could come from it and I didn’t need to see what horrors I had conjured up next.
But she still stepped forward and pulled the door open.
The Herald and her clipboard dissolved and gave way to the woman who lived next door.
You’ve been fucking my husband, she shouted at Katie’s horrified, guilty expression.
The Third stepped forward wearing that woman’s face, beautiful and thin, her black skin fit over the wrinkled pale skin of the demon as she yelled in a deep voice that became less and less human as she shouted Katie’s sin for the entire neighborhood to hear.
You’ve been fucking my husband.
You’ve - been - FUCKING - my - husband.
Her pretty mouth was too small for the demon and it ripped open like a poorly sewed mask as the thing’s tongue came out through its sharp teeth. It salivated on Katie’s front porch, drool pooling at their feet as it advanced into the room.
Not Katie. Not her. She would never.
She presented excuses and, when those didn’t register, she sobbed an apology to the thing that wore her neighbor’s skin until she could no longer bear it and ran away from it. She climbed the stairs to her little bedroom two steps at a time and slammed the door behind her.
This couldn’t be happening. She was a good person. She had never made a mistake before, and never one so great. She didn’t deserve this.
You think you can walk away from it, whispered The Herald - and The Herald had my voice. My pitch, my tone, even my accent. You think there won’t be consequences.
There are always consequences.
I told the movie to stop.
It didn’t.
And Katie’s bedroom door rattled in its hinges.
Her last memory was the snake-like creature breaking through the woods and staring her in the eyes, it’s front end open into a funnel of teeth that moved closer and closer. The worst part was knowing that it didn’t want to devour her. The demons in my head would never be so merciful.
And Katie woke up in her bed.
I did, too. I think I did. I can’t be sure. I know I was happy to see the clock read 2 am because I could get back to sleep and maybe be free of that horrible dream. Whatever horrors I’d thought of before, they wouldn’t go on once my eyes were closed. So I did just that. I fell back asleep.
Katie was still hiding in her bedroom. She was confused to be there. Hadn’t she moved? Hadn’t something happened?
The Fourth demon shouted outside in the voice of a man.
Let me in.
Let us talk.
I love you.
Let me help you.
Katie clutched her swollen stomach with both hands. Had she been pregnant before? When had that happened?
Let me in.
Let me in.
Let me see it.
Let me see my child.
She was growing. Not just her pregnant belly but the rest of her. She’d always been a big girl, but now she was pouring out of herself as the Fourth shouted outside, angrier and angrier that she was keeping him from his child.
A child that hadn’t been there before.
A child that I don’t remember creating.
Katie began to cry.
Her hands dropped from her belly and rested limply beside her. Her ankles grew in size and her neck merged with her shoulders. Soon, she had ballooned to a form that had no shape. It was only skin and fear and a deep, horrified scream.
The hospital came to collect her. It was time for her to deliver the baby.
I had to stop the movie.
They scooped her from the bed.
I didn’t want to see it.
They didn’t even look at her.
I couldn’t bear it anymore.
They rolled her sobbing, terrified mass down a long corridor on a stretcher that creaked as loud as her screaming, but the delivery room was dark. We could only see the apathetic faces of the medical staff in blue-green scrubs.
Something was wrong with her.
God, what is wrong with me?
Something was wrong with everything and I wanted out.
They lied her under a bright light.
I wanted out of there.
They plugged those snake-like creatures onto her skin and I-
I needed to wake up.
They sucked on her fat and they shrank her to this harmless sack of bones-
God most merciful, we both shouted at each other, get me OUT OF HERE.
The Herald stepped forward, her clipboard now replaced by a pair of small, pink, sewing scissors that gleamed horrifyingly sharp in the light of the operation room.
The Fifth.
The Final.
Just before my alarm rang, The Herald started to cut.
I don’t know what they were trying to set free that night. I don’t think I want to know.
It scares me to think of what my brain can conjure up when I’m too weak to have a say on what is acceptable and my mind can run free. When I’m not looking, it will run as far away from me as it possibly can and bring out the things I don’t want to look at.
Much like Katie. Except I can’t slam the door in their faces.
Then again, imagination is just that. It’s thoughts that will turn to smoke that is difficult to remember once you’re awake, and so you fill in the holes the best you can. You put scary images on the faces of the mundane and you cut out the bits that make no sense so that it resembles a story. Stories are still scary but in the best way. It puts the worst parts of you in a pretty frame and what is horrifying becomes entertainment.
And you can pretend that dreams aren’t real.
But I can’t help but wonder where dreams go to once we’re awake.
I wonder if The Herald is me, or if it goes from one dream to another, pink scissors in hand to cut horrible things from the back of your mind - things so inconceivable that we have to wake up before we can take a closer look. And I’m fine with that. I don’t need to see them. I don’t even need to know where The Herald takes them once we’re awake.
Perhaps it’s out of our heads.
Or perhaps Katie is perpetually suspended in that final scream, a sack of bones frozen mid-cut on the edge of those sharp scissors.
To the people in our dreams, we are Gods and I can’t help but feel sorry for them. When our conscience is asleep, we are unmerciful beings and we will feed them to the demons in our minds.
And once we’re awake, we’ll make entertainment out of their pain.
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2020.09.29 23:04 leonbakerreddit (8%off) GIGABYTE G32QC 32″ 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor, 2560 x 1440 VA 1500R Display, 1ms (MPRT) Response Time, 94% DCI-P3, VESA Display HDR400, FreeSync Premium Pro

(8%off) GIGABYTE G32QC 32″ 165Hz 1440P Curved Gaming Monitor, 2560 x 1440 VA 1500R Display, 1ms (MPRT) Response Time, 94% DCI-P3, VESA Display HDR400, FreeSync Premium Pro submitted by leonbakerreddit to PCDeals [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 23:04 nukedburrito glucose blood curve hoping for a pdf where I can log results for my vet

Species: cat
Age: 13
Sex/Neuter status: F
Breed: main coon
Body weight: chonk
Clinical signs:
Your general location: alberta
Links to test results, X-rays, vet reports etc:
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2020.09.29 23:04 C0DESTR0NG App icons reset position in a non-linear curve when deleting a widget – impressive

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2020.09.29 23:04 Ormeriel Units progression and economy need to be looked at

I am a fairly recent players (6+ Months), and a dolphin or whale based on the different perceptions.
In the past months, I have been constantly struggling into making my characters viable, actually, it is not even a struggle, as much as an impossibility.
Acquiring new characters is massively easier than making them viable for actual content, I have barely 3 teams that are actually useable right now: Asgardians, Inhuman, Xforce.
Simply ranking up my account is almost like a curse, I recently reached rank 70 and simply leveling a character from 69 to 70 is aroubd 360k Gold!
The income of gear and purple skills is almost as bad...
From my perpective, this hardcore progression curve can be very detering for new players and even discouraging for others.
It is not normal that I am sitting on potential full team, and 5+ stars characters that I simply can not afford to even level up.
The curve needs to be looked at, especially since new characters, and new teams keeps coming, at a very fast paced, it is nice, it is a hero collector game, I like new characters, but I don't like having them sit in my box for 6+ months or even a year before I can play them, while in the meantime 15 others character will be released.
With the new Tier 15 upcoming and the Iso-8, there is already plenty to keep old players busy, and I understand, monetization etc, selling gold pack blabla. But even as a whale, there is no way I can keep up with the rythm, and ultimately a lot of players that are not sitting on accumulated resources (if that's even possible), will simply quit.
Maxing a character level, putting it at 6, 6, 6, 4 and gearing them up to Tier 12 should be "relatively" easy..
Tier 13+, Red Stars, Yellow Stars, Iso-8 can be the high end progression part that requires a lot of resources and time.
But please let me play more than 15 characters out of the 120+ I own, please let me enjoy the game.
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2020.09.29 23:02 Ghouly_Girl Really struggling with my body image, and motivation to lose weight/workout, advice?

Hi! So before I get started I think sharing some info might be helpful, idk why but here goes: I am female, 24 and currently I weight 165lbs. I am 5'3, so I'm pretty short hahah. I also have large breasts so I think some of the weight is from there too lol. I am trying to lose some weight because I am just not longer happy with the way I look, though I know I am not in a terrible spot but I have like no confidence. Thank you if you take the time to read this post.
I've been wanting to lose around 20 pounds because I think that would make a difference and I would be where I was at when I was around 18-20 years old. I know that as you grow, your body changes but I have to be honest and admit I have gained some weight. But lately I've been struggling with the following: I feel frustrated, sad and just like I want out of my body. I also think that my bf, who I've been with for 6.5 years, probably notices that I'm not as slim as I was. I have some back fat that I'm always too conscious of when we are intimate together and I get too shy/scared I look bad. I've spoken to him about this and sometimes he is very supportive but I also understand when he gets frustrated and says that I should try harder, work out etc. so that I can change and stop being upset. But I am terrified of gyms, also a poor college student lol. I know that some see that as an excuse but when I think of going to the gym, I get so anxious and I feel like crying because I am terrified of working out in front of people and my city is so small so you're likely to be there with your whole graduation class hahah. I have considered a personal trainer but money is an issue during the school year.
I plan to start going for 30 minute walks every day to just get me started. But my frustration comes from just being overwhelmed with knowing what to do. I am relatively curvy, and losing my shape scares me when thinking of losing weight because I want to keep like the curve in at my waist, hips etc but I want to also be smaller. I'm not sure how to achieve this. I hope that I don't upset anyone by this, but I'll attach an image of what I want to achieve because I'm terrible of explaining it. I know people have different body types but if I get somewhere close to this one day I feel like I've met my goal. I guess it's the whole "slim thicc" thing. I like my curves but don't like my weight :(
I have tried to do research on working out, and I just get so overwhelmed. I see things like, don't do this, don't do that. It's so confusing! hahah. I see things like: don't do too much cardio, or you'll lose your curves, don't do too much weight/strength or you'll lose your shape. Can you lose fat on your stomach from exercises to make it flat and not have to diet too much? I try to avoid diets because I think they can be damaging and I always feel deprived. If anyone just has any advise I would appreciate it. I just want to know how I can stay motivated, feel better about myself, and start working on my goal :( I want to look good for me but also be amazing for my boyfriend, not that he makes feel worse or anything, but because I want to feel confident and like he likes how I look. Thank you, lovely people. <3

For the photo, this is not me, but I guess a goal I'd like to reach:
Thank you.
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2020.09.29 22:59 DTRHS Is this 5k full build good?

Ok, so I know that some of these parts are over specced even for a 5k build, but even so, is this good?

I want this to be able to do everything, but mainly specced towards higher fps AAA games at ultra (1440p), streaming, video editing, coding as well as everything that comes along with game development (blendr, eg.)

This is specced heavily with looks in mind. All RGB parts are compatible with Aura sync.
My only requirements for monitors is 27 inches and curved.

PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core Processor £400.00 @ Amazon UK
CPU Cooler Asus ROG Strix LC 360 80.95 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler £165.48 @ Amazon UK
Thermal Compound Thermaltake CL-O004-GROSGM-A 4 g Thermal Paste £9.58 @ Amazon UK
Motherboard Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard £371.86 @ CCL Computers
Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory £274.40 @ Alza
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £62.98 @ Amazon UK
Storage Intel 660p Series 2.048 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £199.00 @ CCL Computers
Video Card Asus GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB STRIX GAMING Video Card £850.00
Case Asus ROG Strix Helios ATX Full Tower Case £289.95 @ AWD-IT
Power Supply SeaSonic PRIME Ultra Titanium 1000 W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £334.26 @ Amazon UK
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit £95.58 @ Aria PC
Sound Card Asus STRIX SOAR 24-bit 192 kHz Sound Card £74.99 @ AWD-IT
Case Fan Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 118.2 CFM 140 mm Fan £20.47 @ Ebuyer
Case Fan Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 118.2 CFM 140 mm Fan £20.47 @ Ebuyer
Case Fan Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 118.2 CFM 140 mm Fan £20.47 @ Ebuyer
Case Fan Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 118.2 CFM 140 mm Fan £20.47 @ Ebuyer
Monitor MSI OPTIX MAG271CQR 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor £412.00 @ Amazon UK
Monitor MSI OPTIX MAG271CQR 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor £412.00 @ Amazon UK
Keyboard SteelSeries Apex Pro RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard £379.99 @ Amazon UK
Mouse Asus P704 ROG CHAKRAM Wireless Optical Mouse £136.98 @ Aria PC
Headphones Asus ROG Theta 7.1 7.1 Channel Headset £219.99 @ Amazon UK
Speakers Logitech Z213 7 W 2.1 Channel Speakers £59.99 @ Amazon UK
Webcam Asus ROG EYE Webcam £89.98 @ CCL Computers
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £4920.89
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-09-29 21:55 BST+0100

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2020.09.29 22:56 SevenTheDevil [PC] [NA] [ANY RANK] Learning Curve is looking for friendly players that are trying to improve.

Learning Curve was created to help bring people together on the same goal of improving at siege. We offer a space to review gameplay with other members and space to play together. We are looking to bring in active players and are looking to start up 10 mans if we get enough people interested in them.
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2020.09.29 22:54 HermanHermansson How to project a logo onto a curved surface?

How to project a logo onto a curved surface?
I want to add a logo on this curved surface. 'Shape Bender' might help, but with that plugin I think you need to make a custom curve (which will never be identical to the original curve).
Is there a way to just project the 2D object into the curved surface easily without a plugin? Or is there a better plugin?
Also, if someone knows how to not only project the object, but also make it engraved into the curved surface, that would be even better!
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2020.09.29 22:52 HawkeyeMatt20 [HR] SpookyWorld

‘What do you think it means?’
What do you mean what do you think it means? It means it’s coming tonight.’
‘Yeah but, what is coming tonight?
‘But what does it mean?’
‘It means you should shut up.’
Charlie had had to babysit his brother all day. On a Saturday too, I might add. Did his parents not know he had things to do? Important things too. Things Leon would never understand. He had tried everything to get rid of him. At first, he thought taking him to the sweet shop, and then abruptly leaving would do the trick, but Leon still managed to find him a few streets later. ‘He would not be able to cross the canal,’ Charlie thought. ‘He is always too scared to cross the bridge.’ Charlie clearly underestimated his brother’s increase in courage. Eventually, Charlie thought, ‘I know, I will go as fast as I can to the top of Valley Hill, let’s see if he can catch me then.’ An odd sign at the top of the mound made Charlie stop, however, giving his brother enough time to catch up, panting behind him. Great, Charlie thought, back to square one.
The sign was large, although Charlie certainly did not notice it until he reached the top. The background colour almost seemed to blend into the sky. You could not mistake the pointy black letters in the centre, however, which simply read:
8 PM
‘What do you think it means?’
‘It means you should shut up.’
This conversation continued all the way back down Valley Hill. Charlie thought it was about time he got his brother home, plus he was starting to feel rather hungry. Mostly the hunger was motivating him. He thought that he would be back in no time if he just ignored the inquisitive creature next to him. This, unfortunately, did not prove the case, however. Still, the two brothers made it into town quick enough, although not without more questions about SpookyWorld.
‘Will Mum let us go?’
‘I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?’
‘Because I want to go with you. Will you ask her?’
‘Fine, if it will make you shut up.’
The two brothers had climbed the other hill that led to their home, Victorian in style with a medium-sized garden that their Mother had let grow wild, and a broken window on the second floor that meant Charlie and Leon now had to find somewhere else to occupy themselves. They entered through the backdoor, like usual. Charlie found it best this way, as it made less noise. Of course, his short stature made it easier to remain unnoticed. A small boy of eleven, our hero was on the cusp of manhood. He had his Mother’s dirty blonde hair, and his Father’s river brown eyes. Speaking of parentage, it is about time I introduced you to them.
‘They’re my fucking kids as well you know!’
‘Well maybe you should act like it!’
Great, Charlie thought, he would be the one cooking again tonight.
‘Mum, we’re back!’
‘Leon be quiet,’ Charlie whispered harshly.
‘Why are you back so soon?’ Their Mum’s voice replied.
‘Brilliant! Now look what you’ve done!’ The boys heard their Father say.
‘What I’ve done? You started this!’
Charlie and Leon made their way through the door that lead into the kitchen. Charlie tried to look anywhere that was not his Mum or Dad. He always looked at them the wrong way, so it was better to stare at the wallpaper with flowers on and mouldy plaster ceiling.
‘Charlie, look at me. You’re Mum is a bitch you know that right?’

‘Yes Dad.’
‘Take Leon up to your room Charlie.’ Their Mum said.
‘But Mum.’
‘Great, now look what you’ve done Julie. Made the kid cry. Just like always.’
‘This is hardly my fault Simon!’
Now you, dear reader, might be thinking that Charlie and Leon have quite a miserable life, and you may be right. What you or our two young protagonists do not know, however, is that this night everything changes. This night, gentle friend, Charlie and Leon enter SpookyWorld. But I am getting ahead of myself. What was Leon saying?
‘Do you think mum will still let us go?’
‘I don’t know Leon.’
‘Is Dad still ‘ere?’
‘I don’t know. I’m trying to listen. Will you be quiet?’
If Charlie did hear anything, he certainly never told me. And he and I tell each other everything. Eventually, between the rising and falling voices, the harsh cracking the door slamming, he heard their Mum go to her room. Charlie breathed a sigh of relief.
‘Are you hungry Leon?’
‘Let’s go get something to eat.’
Charlie had learned how to work the oven from a young age. Mostly tea was chicken nuggets and chips if he could find any. If not, then beans on toast would always work. If not, then they had best hope they saved some sweets from earlier. Today was a lucky day, and Charlie was able to cook more than the usual amount of chips.
‘What are you doing?’ A female voice interrupted him.
‘Mum… I was just making food for me and Leon.’
‘I can do that.’
‘I know… I just
‘I can do that.’
‘Mum, can we go to SpookyWorld?’
‘Not now Leon,’ Charlie hissed.
‘What was that Leon?’
‘Can we go to SpookyWorld Mum, it looks really cool.’
‘Have you been filling his head with stories again?’
‘No Mum we really saw it… At the top of the hill.’
‘Oh, and what were you doing up there?’
‘Following Charlie.’
‘Well seen as you can’t seem to get enough of Charlie, I’m sure he’ll take you to this scaryworld.’
‘What was that?’
‘Nothin’ Mum, I’ll take you Leon.’
‘Of course you will. Have fun on an empty hill Leon.’
At that, their Mother went back upstairs. The boys did not know that would be the last thing their Mother said to them. The poor, poor boys. I am getting ahead of myself again. You must stop me when I do that.
‘What did mum mean by that?’
‘Nothin’. Eat your tea.’
‘Will we still be goin’ to SpookyWorld.’
‘Oh, we’ll be there all night.’
And Charlie was right. They were there all night. When eight o clock came, Charlie and Leon snuck out of their rooms. They were careful to still be quiet, although, most likely, their Mum either was not home or not conscious enough to notice. With Spring hardly in its infancy, it was naturally already dark when our two boys left the house. The streets were lit by white and orange neon streetlamps that were so bright some evenings it was difficult to see the moon above their town. The roads were reasonably quiet at that time of night. Charlie and Leon passed a few wobbling inhabitants on their way through the town. They passed Angelina’s Sweet Shop for the last time and made their way towards the forest. The canal was more difficult because of the lack of light. Charlie wished he had brought a torch with him, but it was too late to go back now. Charlie was not proving his Mother right. Luckily, Charlie knew the path quite well, having spent his weekends there with his brother from a young age. Leon, on the other hand, was quite distraught by the strange woodland voices, the intermittent panting of the trees, and the pulsing stream of water. He tried to get his brother to turn back before the bridge. Some childlike fantasy of straying too far from home, no doubt, but Charlie persisted forward, and Leon had no choice but to follow. Eventually, the boys started making their way up Valley Hill. The skies were much clearer now, and the brothers could see more stars as they ascended.
‘I don’t think anythin’s up there Charlie.’
‘You were the one who wanted to come!’
Indeed, there was nothing at the top of the hill, but on the other side, where the slope curved downwards onto the flat plane, sat the most wonderful looking carnival that the brothers had ever seen. Their school always held a fair at the end of the year, and occasionally Charlie and Leon would visit the market in town, but they were nothing compared to the grand spectacle of SpookyWorld. The violet and dark striped tents seemed to have swallowed the whole valley. With some tents as small as their Granddad’s shed and some as big and tall as a king’s castle, the carnival truly earned the title of World. The great roaring that erupted from the heart of SpookyWorld seemed to Leon and Charlie as if the whole country had come to witness this strange occurrence.
As the boys drew nearer, they saw that the entrance to SpookyWorld was lit with antique-looking candles and lanterns, and above the incredibly large cast-iron gate was the face of the carnival. SPOOKYWORLD, with two skulls between the P and the K, gazed pointedly down at Charlie and Leon. The two gates were closed tightly, but besides the entrance was a small wooden building, with a sign which simply read: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Charlie had not thought that he might need money to enter. The two boys approached the counter. Even Charlie had to stand on his very tiptoes to see over the shelf. There was no one on the other side.
‘Hello?’ He asked. ‘Can we come inside?’
Nothing. Even the loud rumbling of the circus that the boys had heard on approach seemed to have abated. It was Leon’s turn to ask next.
‘I don’t think anyone’s
At that, the massive iron gates swung open, and beyond the boys lay a large open space. In the middle sat a large old-fashioned clock, like their Father mended for a living. Its face was at least six feet high and was surrounded with a skin of the darkest metal the boys had ever seen. Charlie saw that time on it was 8:00. Clearly, it was wrong. They had been walking for at least half an hour. Strangely the entry space was completely empty. ‘Everyone must be enjoying the rides,’ Charlie thought. Still, it had got eerily quiet again.
As the boys approached the clock, they saw that attached to the clock were several signs pointing to the many attractions on offer.
‘Well, which one do you want to do first?’ Charlie asked Leon.
‘Lab rinth.’ Leon replied.
‘Ah yes, the Labyrinth is one of our most popular attractions if I do say so myself.’
At the exclamation of this new voice, the boys turned suddenly. Stood before them was a tall, well-dressed man with a long ebony cane and an unpractically sizeable top hat. The man had the silliest looking moustache and beard in the world, or at least that is what Charlie and Leon thought. On his face was the whitest, most pristine smile. A smile that was white like that of a bleached skull. A smile that almost seemed to cut through the night sky.
‘We’re sorry, Sir, we meant to pay, but the gates were open.’
‘Oh, my child, that is no trouble, and please, no more of this ‘Sir’ talk. Call me Mr. Kind.’
‘Mr. Kind?’
‘That is correct Charlie my boy. You are getting the hang of it already.’
‘How do you know
‘How do I know your name is Charlie? Why, I sent you an invitation of course, but I forget my manners, this must be Leon?’
‘Charlie, can we go?’ Leon asked timidly.
‘Leaving so soon? Oh, but you boys must be hungry after your long journey, and particularly cold on a night such as this. At least let me treat you to a candied apple or some popcorn before you leave us.’
Charlie did consider this a reasonable proposition. After the long journey through the dark, he had worked up quite the appetite which had not yet faded. Plus, there was so much of SpookyWorld left to explore.
‘That sounds nice Mr.’ Charlie replied. ‘We don’t have any money though.’
‘Why my boys, that is no trouble at all. Why don’t you just walk this way, and we can find you something delicious.’
At that, Mr. Kind wrapped his arms around Leon and Charlie and let them down one of the gaps between the tents to the left. He was surprisingly thin for his size, Charlie thought. His arms felt like barely more than twigs. While they were walking, Mr. Kind’s immaculate grin remained plastered on his face. His eyes remained fixed in one direction, and Charlie saw that they were a murky grey colour. He must be blind, Charlie thought. He had only seen one blind person before, sat on the corner of Angelina’s before a policeman told him to move away. Mr. Kind seemed to know his way around SpookyWorld rather well, however. After a few minutes, the boys arrived in a clearing with a small wooden stage in the centre, and two similar chairs nearby.
‘Why don’t you boys take a seat while I go and find us some food.’
Charlie and Leon obeyed. Sat in their chairs, they saw that a similar wooden frame bordered the stage. They could not see past, however, as a large violet curtain covered it. Charlie smiled pridefully in the knowledge that their Mum had been wrong about SpookyWorld. He could not wait to go home and tell her everything they had seen.
‘Thank you for waiting boys.’ Mr. Kind had appeared next to them and was handing them both a warm bowl of popcorn. ‘And would you look at that too, the show is about to begin.’
Indeed, he was right, because as the boys started to eat, the curtains opened to reveal the rest of the stage. Charlie looked around saw that they were the only people in the constructed theatre, which was a good thing too, seen as there were no other places to sit. Charlie’s attention shifted back to a shrill cry on the stage. In front of them were two large puppets, suspended from the ceiling by barely visible strings. The first one, the one who had shrieked, was a female puppet. Young in appearance with long blonde hair the same colour as Charlie’s. She had on a green dress and was addressing the second puppet. He was wearing an old-fashioned suit, although he was still relatively young. He had short black hair and when he spoke, sounded as childlike as the girl-puppet.
‘Well well well, what have we got ‘ere then?’ He asked.
‘Looks like more visitors to me Simon.’
‘Looks like it to me as well Julie.’
Charlie was immediately taken aback. The puppets had the same names as his Parents. They did not look the same though, Charlie thought, although the hair colour may be the same, these puppets were much younger.
‘Well, I say we put on a show for them, ay Simon?
‘Sounds good to me sweetie.’
The way the two puppets mouths moved was disconcerting to Charlie and Leon. Still, they hardly had time to comprehend it because immediately the puppets started to dance. How they could dance without their strings becoming tangled was a mystery to everyone who viewed the puppet show. They embraced like two atoms colliding in a sea of nothing. Gradually, however, the movement became disjointed. ‘Julie’ no longer had the graceful lines she had displayed just moments prior, and ‘Simon’ started to stagnate. The strings no longer held any sway over the puppets, and slowly, step by step, the puppet show came to its end. After what seemed like a lifetime, ‘Simon’ and ‘Julie’ dangled lifeless in front of their entranced audience, emotionless and cold.
The curtains closed.
The boys sat immobile at the conclusion. The show was one of the most extraordinary things they had ever seen, and the most terrifying. Nevertheless, they had somehow both finished their popcorn and were not feeling particularly good for it.
‘Now wasn’t that marvellous?’ Mr. Kind broke the silence asking. The boys did not respond. ‘Not to your liking? Oh well. Ah, I remember now, did not one of you two young gentlemen express interest in the Labyrinth?’
‘That was Leon,’ Charlie stated.
‘Well would you look at that, it seems as if we made short work of the journey.’
Charlie was at a loss for words. He had just been sat by the puppet show, but now they were stood in front of another entrance. ‘I must not be feeling well at all,’ Charlie thought. Just then, Leon interrupted with the same sentiment.
‘Charlie, I don’t feel so good.’
‘Oh my, well, the Labyrinth is entirely outdoors. The fresh air should perk you up in no time.’ Mr. Kind suggested.
‘Charlie, I want to go home.’
‘I know Leon, I want to go home too. Thank you for showing us ‘round sir, but we should be goin’ home.’
As Charlie finished speaking, he was startled by a loud, clanging sound. A large gate had closed inches away from his face. He was inside the Labyrinth. ‘But that’s not possible,’ Charlie thought. ‘We were outside it just now. We couldn’t have…’ His mind was racing, which was not helped by the fact that Leon was now crying deafeningly.
‘Mr. will you let us out of ‘ere?’ Charlie asked.
‘Why Charlie, my dear boy, once you are inside, I cannot let you out again. You must find your way through. Do not worry though. It should be no problem for a smart boy like you, plus, you have Leon with you.’
Charlie doubted that, in his current state, Leon would be much help at all.
‘I..I..I want…to…to go home!’ Leon wailed.
‘I know Leon, I know. We will be home soon. Look Mr. Kind we really ‘preciate you for lettin’ us look ‘round.’
Mr. Kind had vanished. Charlie and Leon looked out of the gates at the quiet tents and flickering candlelight.
‘Mr Kind! Are you still there?’ Charlie shouted.
‘Hello! Can anybody hear us?’
Nobody replied. Only the deathly silence of the night heard them outside the Labyrinth.
‘I want to go home!’
‘I know you do Leon, but listen to me, all we have to do is make it through ‘ere, then we can head home. ‘kay?
‘I want
‘I know Leon but you have to shut up and walk. Okay?’
‘Okay Charlie.’
But which way should the boys go? Would you look at me, giving you a choice. Do you think the boys had a choice? They were doomed as soon as this story started. But you… Do you think you can save them?
The boys turned left. Following the walls of striped violet and black along, the only visible change was the passing of clouds blocking the stars in the open sky above them. Another choice. Left, right, or straight forward? The boys carried on straight. Following the walls of striped violet and black along, the only physical change was the wetness of sweat on their hand as they dragged each other along. Another choice. Left or straight forward. Following the walls of striped violet and black ahead, the only audible change was the panting of their breath in the cold spring air. Another choice. Another choice. Another choice. The exit. Charlie and Leon could see the open gate straight ahead of them.
‘It’s there. Do you see it Leon? It’s right there.’
Charlie and Leon were practically running towards the candlelight when, suddenly, a darken figure passed in front of the path. The shadow was enormous to Charlie and Leon. Indeed, it would have towered above any adult who entered SpookyWorld’s Labyrinth. The boys only glimpsed it for a second, but it was enough to halt them in their tracks.
‘Charlie, what was that?’
‘I don’t know, let’s keep going, we’re almost there.’
‘But I just saw somethin’.’
‘I know but we have to move!’
A grunt. Charlie’s voice had been too loud. All of a sudden, the fabric walls around them started to shake. Not long after, the ground followed suit.
‘Move! Leon we have to move!’
Charlie and Leon started to run back the way they came. If Leon had not been crying before, he certainly was now. Charlie only managed to throw small glimpses back. Whatever it was, it was big - covered in hair and much faster than them. They would have to try and outmaneuver it if they wanted to escape. Of course, this was not on Charlie’s mind at the time. By this point, he was thoroughly convinced he was in some horrible nightmare, and soon he would wake to normalcy. If this was a dream, however, he was running out of breath alarmingly fast.
By this point, Charlie had lost all sense of direction. The entanglement of stripes seemed endless. Whatever was following them, they had managed to confuse it amidst all the recent turns. Charlie had to catch his breath. He could not concentrate with Leon gripping his hand. At least he was quiet at last. Then it occurred to Charlie. ‘Of course,’ he thought, ‘how could he have been so stupid’. He should be able to cut through these walls. If they are just tents, then there should be a gap in the bottom. Unfortunately, the walls were too high for even the tallest adults to climb, but Charlie was nimble and small. He should be able to fit through a seam at the bottom. On his knees, however, try as he might, he could not find anywhere to crawl through. It was as if the Labyrinth had grown from the hill itself.
‘What are you doin’?’ Leon whispered.
‘I’m tryin’ to find a way through. Help me look.’
With both boys now on their knees, Charlie thought they must be able to make their escape. Still, there was no way through. Eventually, Charlie started trying to tear the tent, but whenever he thought he had made a rip, the striped fabric remained intact.
The boys heard the footsteps again first. It was approaching them cautiously, just a few corners away. They had to find a way out.
Sweetness. The sweet scent of sugar-filled the air around Charlie and Leon.
‘Do you smell that?’ Charlie asked.
‘Like Angelina’s.’ Leon replied.
It was. That meant that behind one of these walls was the outside of the Labyrinth. They must be near the exit.
‘It smells like it’s comin’ from the end of this way.’ Charlie observed. ‘Let’s move.’
As he said this, that thing, as Charlie and Leon would call it, turned the corner. Although it was dark in the maze, Charlie could make out the silhouette and piercing red eyes looking at them. Charlie barely had time to register what was happening before he was running in the opposite direction. He had not grabbed his brother’s hand, however, and, as he got further towards the edge of the Labyrinth, Leon fell further behind. Leon was screaming Charlie’s name. Charlie reached the end. Another choice between left or right. He was panicking. He did not know which way to go. As he was listening, he heard the slight trickle of water coming from the left. It was the sound of peace. Of serenity. Of home. He turned left. Charlie started to slow his pace, looking behind him to see if Leon turned as well. He saw his brother reach the turn he had just taken, but as about to run towards him, a long, spindly arm reached out, blocking his path. Leon turned right. In the lunge forward, the creature stumbled. Leon, thankfully, managed to gain some distance from it, but we lose him from this point in the story.
Charlie had a choice to make. Follow the sound of water, which must indicate a way out, or follow his brother. He was breathing heavier now, and, with every breath, Leon got further and further away. The sound of the thumping footsteps grew fainter. Charlie looked up at the sky. The stars that shone clearly through the night provided no answers. He could not leave his brother behind. Charlie started running again in the direction his brother had gone. By this point, he could neither see nor hear his brother, so he had to guess a direction. As Charlie moved, the turns in the maze seemed to grow more frequent. He was no longer running tens of meters before turning but a few steps at the time. He was also running uphill. With each turn, the gradient became steeper and steeper. He was sure that he had turned back on himself more than once, but, still, he ran upwards and upwards. Charlie turned to the left and was startled by the loud clanging of a gate behind him. He had escaped the Labyrinth. But he was not supposed to have left yet. Leon was still in there. As Charlie thought this, he heard the piercing cry of his brother somewhere in the distance. Charlie screamed his name in response. He was banging on the heavy metal gates, trying to lift them up and squeeze through.
Charlie did not know how much time he passed here, in the silence of the night. Not a single person passed him as he slumped against the exit to the Labyrinth. At one point, also, he thought he remembered throwing up. The sheer exhaustion of the situation combined with the sweet treats he had eaten earlier erupting all over the floor. When he eventually turned, however, he suddenly realized where he was. He was at the entrance to SpookyWorld again. There in the centre was the large clock the boys had seen on entry, and beyond it where they had come in and met Mr. Kind. Charlie had to leave and find help. Why did Leon want to come here? He would find his Mum, and then everything would be fine.
Charlie started towards the exit.
‘Leaving so soon?’ Mr. Kind asked.
Charlie was too alarmed to reply at first. His guide had somehow appeared behind him and was leaning against the exit to the Labyrinth.
‘You have yet to see the best attraction SpookyWorld has to offer.’ Mr. Kind said.
‘I’m not interested.’ Charlie replied.
‘Well, that is a shame. Young Leon certainly was, however. You should know that before you leave.’
‘Where’s Leon?’
‘Where is Leon? Why, Charlie, what a silly question! And after all that time you spent trying to lose him this morning. I would have thought you would be grateful for space. The freedom from responsibility.’
Charlie did not know how Mr. Kind knew that he had tried to flee from his brother this morning, but he did not want to stay longer to find out. He started towards the exit again.
‘Of course, if you spend some more time with me, I will show you.’ Mr. Kind sneered.
‘No. I have been ‘ere long enough thanks.’ Charlie retorted.
‘Long enough? But you only just arrived.’ Mr. Kind gestured the clock in the centre of the yard and, indeed, as he had said, the face still displayed 8:00. The hand was ticking, but every few seconds it would bounce back to the hour.
‘That clock’s just broken.’ Charlie stated.
‘Are you so certain?’
Charlie was not, but he was not admitting this to Mr. Kind.
‘You are not; you are just not admitting it to me.’
How did Mr. Kind know that? Did he just read Charlie’s thoughts?
‘I can tell what you are thinking Charlie. Would you like to see where Leon is?’
Before Charlie could answer, in the blink of an eye, instead of standing before the clock in the entrance yard, before him perched a large, dilapidated house. It was not unlike his own home, although the features were exaggerated almost to the point of looking ridiculous. Instead of brick, it was made of old rotting wood. The door was barely attached to the hinges. Between the house and Charlie lay an overgrown garden, but none of the plants had leaves or flowers. It was all just dried twigs - the pinnacle of infertility.
‘Is Leon in ‘ere Sir?’ Charlie asked.
‘Yes he is my boy. And I will make you a deal. If you make it through the house and find your brother, I will let yourself and little Leon walk away. That is if you still want to, of course.’
Charlie had little doubt that he would want to, but still, he was apprehensive about Mr. Kind’s tricks.
‘I promise nothing will chase you through here. Although the house has its secrets, none of them will harm you.’
Charlie guessed that he did not have much of a choice, even if he wanted to go. He had to take Mr. Kind on his word.
‘You promise nothing will hurt me?’
‘I promise.’
‘And Leon. Nothin’ bad is happening to him right?’
‘I promise.’ Mr. Kind repeated bewitchingly.
Charlie took one last look at the house, with what was left of its windows and chimney that was exhaling smoke, before stepping tentatively towards it.
‘You will need this.’ Mr. Kind interjected, offering Charlie a key from his cold hand. Charlie took it and, moving ever more assuredly towards the house, unlocked the door.
Beyond the dust and the darkness, Charlie could make out extraordinarily little at first. The creaking of the door deafeningly penetrated the silence of the corridor beyond it. He did not look behind him to see if Mr. Kind was still there. He knew he was not. As his eyes adjusted, Charlie saw that he was in a long, narrow entryway. It had been difficult to gauge how long the house was from the outside, but now he was within, Charlie could see that it stretched far. The walls were made of the same wood as outside, and on the ceiling was a series of chandeliers, although they were not lit. Nothing decorated the walls, and the only furnishing was the long, tongue coloured rug that stretched further back beyond the dark.
Charlie moved further. As he walked, he looked ahead of him, trying to see if Leon, or anyone, had stepped foot here recently. From the footprints his shoes made in the dust on the floor, it did not seem that way. ‘Maybe Mr. Kind had tricked him,’ Charlie thought. ‘Perhaps he would never let them go.’ Still, the house did not seem intimidating to Charlie, and the more he walked, the warmer it seemed to be getting. It was not an oppressive heat, but a comforting warmth, much needed after a night in the brisk Spring air.
Although it did seem to be getting warmer, however, Charlie did not appear to be getting any closer to the end of the corridor. He glanced behind him and, indeed, the door had moved an appropriate amount. Charlie increased his pace, trying to focus on some area in the darkness ahead of him. At one point he was practically sprinting, looking over his shoulder and seeing that the door was moving further behind him, but there was still nothing ahead. Eventually, realizing that he had most likely been tricked into wandering this hallway forever by Mr. Kind, Charlie came to a standstill. He hunched over, panting for breath, and wallowing in the hopeless situation when, suddenly, he was thrown backward onto his behind. He saw, and felt, something racing away from him into the unknown. It was only once he had risen again, and checked that he was not seriously injured, that he realized that the rug he was standing on was no longer there.
Looking around to see where it might have gone, he saw only a pair of luminous violet eyes staring back at him from the abyss. They blinked. They did not startle him, however. What made him start was a loud creaking in his right ear. Jumping at the sound, Charlie turned and saw a door he had not noted before had opened. Looking back down the corridor, who (or what)ever he had just seen had gone.
Stepping through the door to his right, Charlie found himself looking at a young boy, covered in dirt, and appearing as tired as he would often see his parents. It took him longer than you would expect to realize that this boy was, in fact, himself, and that what he was looking at was a mirror. Around him were many mirrors - or boys, depending on how you want to see it. Although Charlie was initially exasperated at the prospect of another maze, he soon realized he could hear music coming from not too far away. The sound was that of long slow guitar notes, twanging through the reflected worlds. This hall of mirrors was less of a maze than another long winding corridor. Following the sound of the music, Charlie was able to start moving in the right direction immediately. However, as he approached another mirror, he perceived another child standing beside him, holding his hand. It was Leon. Charlie instantly looked down at the place where Leon was and saw only his open hand there. Looking back to the mirror, he noticed Leon running away from him. Charlie started running towards where he had seen his brother just moments prior. Of course, once he had reached the beginning of the maze again, Leon was nowhere to be found.
Retracing his steps back, he continued to follow the sound of the guitar player, when the reflections around him caught his eye again. He did not see Leon this time, but, instead, as he walked in one direction, the reflections around him approached him from the other, until he passed them and they turned their faces to look at him. Drawing near another mirror at the end of the corridor, Charlie observed the motionless reflection of himself begin to change. Suddenly the face started to age until, before long, Charlie was looking at the face of his Dad. The reflection smiled back at him, but Charlie was too shocked to breathe. It started to change again. Gradually, small deformities accumulated. As one eye grew and became bloodshot, the other shrank. His teeth became yellow and brown if they did not fall out entirely. The skin began to look like it had been burnt and started to peel away from his face. His hair became grey, falling out in parts and growing to great lengths in others. Eventually, Charlie could not take the sight anymore, and, turning away, he clutched at his face and screamed.
Disorientated, he looked around, seeing only hundreds of Charlie’s mimicking his actions. When his head had finally stopped spinning, he was able to move again, following the musical notes ever further inside. As he turned the corner, he discerned the exit at the end of the corridor. In stark contrast to the mirrors, there was another rotting door awaiting him. As he walked, he realized nothing in his peripheral vision was moving with him. In fact, there was nothing in the mirrors at all. Just an infinite loop of corridor and reflection, but with no Charlie. He pressed on. Reaching the door, he turned the handle and, with one last look at the reflectionless mirrors, passed into the next room.
The sound of the guitar was even louder in this room, and the sound of rattling beads now accompanied it. Beads, in fact, the Charlie had collided with as he entered the room. All around him were hanging glass droplets of every colour imaginable. When Charlie thought he had focused on a suspended cascading blood-red waterfall, he found that his attention had shifted to a yellow as bright as buttercups. As he looked around more, he saw bubbles of darkest black and clearest white side by side.
He could not see where the music was originating from, but he could continue following it. Walking forward and brushing aside all the beads as he went, Charlie eventually found himself stood in front of a large, velvet armchair. He could still not see ahead of him due to the multitude of coloured droplets, but he could make out a similar table in front of the seating. On the table there were only three items. The two dolls of his Mum and Dad from earlier, somehow looking even more devoid of life than the end of their performance, and a pack of wide playing cards.
Suddenly, the music stopped. Charlie stood in the silence for an everlasting heartbeat, before a quiet, rasping Voice emerged from the other side of the table.
‘Why don’t you take a seat Charlie?’ The Voice asked.
‘Who’re you?’
‘You know who I am.’
Although Charlie was still uncertain, he felt some truth in the words. The Voice was not malevolent, and Charlie obeyed its command without any qualms.
‘Do you know what these are Charlie?’ The Voice asked, and Charlie saw the brief whisp of a hand pass above the cards.
‘They’re cards.’
‘Yes Charlie. Very good. But these are special cards. With these, we can see your future. They are Tarot cards.’
Charlie had never heard of Tarot cards, but he was intrigued at the Voice’s claim to be able to read his future. Still, he wanted to find his brother.
‘Will those tell me where Leon is? Charlie asked.
‘After you have seen the cards, you can choose to see your brother again.’ The Voice replied.
After everything he had encountered in the house so far, Charlie considered this a reasonable proposition.
‘Okay,’ he said. ‘What do I have to do?’
‘Just take the cards and shuffle them.’
Charlie obeyed, and, although he fumbled with the wide cards in his tiny palms, he mixed them thoroughly before setting them back down on the table.
‘Very good.’ The Voice exhaled.
Charlie was distracted by the rattling of beads around him, and when he looked back down at the table, they had arranged themselves in a straight line.
‘Take one Charlie, if you please.’
He grabbed the first one in the middle of the pack he saw.
The Fool.
The card displayed its name in an eccentric font at the bottom. Above it was a picture of a young boy, with blonde hair and brown eyes very much like Charlie’s, covering his ears as two large silhouettes battled in the background.
‘Okay. What now?’ Charlie asked.
‘Now you must take another card.’ The Voice replied.
Charlie obeyed. With more hesitation this time, he chose a card nearer the left side of the pack.
The Hermit.
The card was presented in the same format, with a picture of an identical boy standing in a maze of tent walls. Charlie recognized the Labyrinth he had emerged from earlier that evening. By this point, Charlie was beginning to feel anxious again. How could the cards contain pictures of him, and what else would they reveal?
‘Just one more card Charlie, and then you can see your brother again if you so wish.’ The Voice rasped.
Charlie seemed to be hovering his hand over the deck for an eternity before he eventually settled on the farthest right card.
The Emperor.
Charlie saw everything clearly for the first time. Everything he could be. The happiness he had felt in the past evening was unrivalled by anything his pitiful existence had previously contained. When I emerged from the shadows again, the boy came willingly with me to SpookyWorld’s next destination. He has remained with me ever since, along with all the other boys and girls who have journeyed through SpookyWorld.
But what of their families, you ask? You thought you could save them and bring them home safe, if only you made the right choices. Well, it was Charlie’s choice to stay with me alongside the dancing dolls, the dimly lit corridors, the endless reflections. Oh, their parents held a funeral to be sure. They cried and moved on until, eventually, someone buried them, and SpookyWorld appeared once again on the field next to their gravestones. Opening its gaping maw, ready to guide the next child home.

(Author’s note: I had initially intended this tale to be a horror story. Although I still think parts of it are frightening, you may wish to consider it a work of speculative fiction, miscellaneous fiction, or non-fiction. Not all of it was scary to Charlie and Leon. To some children, however, SpookyWorld is a nightmare, and others it is a dreamlike fantasy.)
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2020.09.29 22:48 trojanman999 To those who spend money on this game

I have been playing this game for quite a while, when I first started playing I got sucked in like most do, and of course would spend a bit here and there when I saw a player I wanted from the boxes. However, this year Glu has made so many changes, and I became so fed up with their BS, I went completely F2P. To be honest, there is almost no difference. Your money literally goes nowhere in this game for building up a solid team. If you are obsessed with scoring club points, I guess spending (on the fieldpass specifically) would help with leveling players quickly to improve your event score - but who cares, because there are the same events every single week (and you can always change clubs to get the .3 weekend discount).
The boxes are so rigged and/or have ridiculous %'s now, if you buy them, you are most likely not going to be receiving a player anyway - so what does spending really get you in this game? NOTHING. If you buy the boxes and magically pull the player you want, CONGRATS! That player will be worthless to you in 2 weeks, what a waste of your money - whether you are rich like me or poor as a bum.
There are so many players now (3 sets a week, 2 special player boxes on Tues & Thurs, POTW, POTM, Specials Menu players, CVC, Cash Box, Fan Rewards, blah blah blah). There is no point in chasing a single player anymore, because there will be 10 more just like him available next week, probably with better skills or a higher overall.
If you are relatively new to this game and have been spending money, do yourself a favor and stop. It is not worth it.
To those of you who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a week - ask yourself, is it really worth it anymore? There is no need to keep your team at the top of the curve - EB is now just a contest to who can autoplay the most, WOH sucks now anyways, the prize is always nerfed with crap skills and you can't even cycle cap them anymore.
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2020.09.29 22:46 loganmorganml1 How to stop a puppy from excited peeing?

So our pup loves new people and dogs, and will have excitement pee sometimes when greeted by them. The problem is, we live in an apartment and there’s a 50/50 chance a person or dog will come in the elevator with us at some point going down. She’ll pee greeting, sitting, or laying down — it doesn’t matter as soon as she gets excited upon seeing that person or dog. Is there any tips on how we can curve this behavior so we don’t have to keep cleaning messes in the elevator?
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2020.09.29 22:43 LisaMachine_ Getting started as a live performer on Twitch, what hardware should be my basics? Overall tips please.

Hello everyone! My plan is to start streaming on Twitch as a musician. In order to do so, I would like to use Ableton Live with piano and microphone. I'm currently looking into the Roland RD-88. If I want to use looping and live perform with not too much electronic hardware, what are the absolute basics I should have? Probably a midi controller for Ableton Live?
As an acoustic singer, it is all new to me and I would like to learn as much as possible in order to make the right decisions. Also, what is the learning curve like if you want to start live performing with Ableton? I can sing and play live, but all the electronics are new.
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2020.09.29 22:39 templederr Versace's Inclusion of Curve Models on the Runway Calls For a More Diverse Future

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2020.09.29 22:39 templederr Kim Kardashian slips her hourglass curves into form-fitting white trousers

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XL Curves - YouTube “CARTOON CURVES' thick lower body subliminal (listen once ... Motorcycle Skills Test: Part 5 / 'Curves' - YouTube Curves :: Photoshop Tutorial Learn the Power of Curves ... Curvaceous Piecing - How to piece free-form curves ...

Curve Definition of Curve by Merriam-Webster

  1. XL Curves - YouTube
  2. “CARTOON CURVES' thick lower body subliminal (listen once ...
  3. Motorcycle Skills Test: Part 5 / 'Curves' - YouTube
  4. Curves :: Photoshop Tutorial Learn the Power of Curves ...
  5. Curvaceous Piecing - How to piece free-form curves ...
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In this video I will show you how to cut and sew free-form curves - great fun! Hi all, My Name is Jess and welcome to my channel. I am a THICC, curvy, and beautiful woman and am currently working on sculpting my voluptuous body to becom... (2012) This is the fifth installment in a 5-part series featuring Washington State's motorcycle skills test. This video showcases an especially critical elem... Curves North America is one of the largest chains of fitness centers for women in the world and is famous for its 30-minute circuit that works every major mu... Check out another of my videos: 'BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC' -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check... XL Curves showcases upcoming and established curvy stars of Instagram and beyond. NEW TO SUBLIMINALS? WATCH THIS: 𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕤 — gain muscle on the lower body, grow the best ... Dr. Curves TV is the Vlog channel of plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jimerson II aka Dr. Curves. Join every day to catch a glimpse of what goes on inside the off...