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Alpena, Michigan, recorded 3.1" of snow on Thursday, which broke the record for the date of 1.6" set in 2007:

2019.04.12 11:04 climatechaosbot Alpena, Michigan, recorded 3.1" of snow on Thursday, which broke the record for the date of 1.6" set in 2007:

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2016.11.22 03:47 Cerce_Tentones List of County Conventions, Meetings, And More!

Alright folks; times are coming up for us to take part in the political process. I've written here a big list of everything that's going to be going on. Not every county is represented because not every county likes to list their events online for some God-awful reason.
Try and bring some kind of dish to serve, something light and snacky; some of these meetings request this outright, but I think it'd be a good first impression. Don't go bake a turkey or something.
Let's kill with kindness. These are not the folks who screwed us over; that'd be the DNC itself.
MANY of the county conventions require you to be a member of the state democratic party 30 days prior to the election. Be aware of this going in!
If you've been pinged here, it's simply because I've seen you post and you've been looking for things to do in the state or are upset at the current status of things. Here's your chance to impact Michigan. Here's where it starts!
I'll update this as I find more information on different county parties; make sure to show up and get involved! Even if it's too late to run locally, we can still build support for the post-2018 elections. Rome was not built in a day. Best of luck, and if you need help let me know! Some counties were left out due to me running out of time at work, but most that were left out were due to lack of information.
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2015.01.27 21:00 thebigcohoonah Can somebody explain to the process of entering the Bear Permit Raffle? When can I buy in and where can I do this.

I want to begin earning points to obtain a bear permit but I am not sure when the dates are to do so or even where to go to buy in. I just spent some time scrolling the DNR website and couldn't find anything to answer these questions. I assume you can just buy them over the counter of any place that sells deer rifle permits but am not sure what the date range is?
Thanks in advanced,
Edit: this is for Michigan, alpena area.
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2014.11.17 07:20 LieutenantLewd Moving back to this great state after 14 years, what do I need to know?

I was born in Alpena, and lived in Oscoda until I was 6. We then moved to south-east Wisconsin. I've visited alpena/oscoda a couple times since, the most recent time was about 3 years ago for my grandfather's funeral.
I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 18, and I am 20 now. I've decided to move back for a few reasons, mostly because I am tired of paying up the wazoo for rent, utilities and services. I'm also done with college for a while, I dont have the right mindset for college at the moment, and I'm interested in finding a skilled trade. Specifically welding/pipe welding. Also, my boyfriend -- who lives in wisconsin -- and I want to move in together after dating for 4 years. We are thinking we want to move to Menominee or the Soo. Definitely somewhere in the UP or in Northern Michigan.
That said, what should I know about this beautiful state as an adult, that I might not have known as a child? What are the things I should avoid doing? What should I most definitely do to fit in/make friends? Do you have any general knowledge that you would like to impart upon a young buck who is growing into his own independence?
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